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Orientation day

Welcome to orientation! This is an exciting time where you can get acquainted with the Academy and we can help you settle in.

As a new student embarking on a new journey, your first stop is Student Services.


For vocational courses, orientation usually takes place one week prior the commencement of classes as per the selected intake date. The orientation normally takes 1-2 hours, where we help you to:

  • Enrol in classes. You can tailor your own timetable according to your availability.  AAC offers morning, afternoon, and evening classes.
  • Get your student card. This card will be your identification as a student in Australia.
  • Get your Unique Student Identifier (USI). Your USI is a unique code that you must  have in order to study in Australia. If you don’t already have one, we can help  you apply.
  • Fill in forms. The best part of orientation! There’s lots of forms to fill up, but don’t  be daunted, one of our super-friendly Student Services Officers can help you out if  you get stuck.
  • Log in to AusAcademy Online. We show you how to access your student learning  through our website.
  • Take a tour. Our campus has great student facilities, study areas, and amenities.  We will show you around so you’re sure where everything is when you need it.

We also host a little seminar to help explain student visa obligations, attendance, academic progress, and other related issues.


English courses

For English courses, orientation takes place the Friday prior to the commencement of classes as per the selected intake date. This takes place at AAC Language Centre, level 5, 579 Harris street, Ultimo NSW 2007.

The orientation takes normally one hour, and includes:

  • Lots of useful information about your English program to get you on the right track.
  • A placement test. This helps us assign you the perfect class for your  learning needs.
  • A briefing about student visa obligations, expected academic outcomes, Academy  services, social activities, and much more.

You will be reminded of their orientation day via email and sms.

We are here for you during every step of your journey. If you have any questions about orientation or need any other student support, let us know online via our enquiries down below or give us a call on +61 2 9163 8903.

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